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iKeyboard Kickstarter project claims to make touch typing on the iPad a reality


The Inventor of this product,Cliff Thief always felt iPad is perfect,except on thing: it’s touch screen is really not suitable for typing.So,the iKeyboard comes out.

This layer covering the surface of the hollow board iPad screen allows users to see first hand the feeling that the specific location of each title key, to make the error rate to a minimum, and there are elastic feedback. So use it feel to type and use of the traditional physical keyboard is basically the same.
Cliff said: "Imagine, you sitting in a classroom, taking notes  with the iPad. but in order to hit the correct letters, you have to concentrate on looking at the virtual keyboard. so you really can not take notes, because You can not think of while listening to the teacher side of where the next according to the key. "
He has another good reason: the iPad separate physical keyboard there are many, but also very good with, but they somehow changed the meaning of this thin and light Tablet PC. They give the device increased the size, weight and reduce the portability, so that when you travel as much things to be careful not to lose.
iKeyboard Kickstarter activities is a project. Kickstarter project requires a certain product in a given period of time to attract a sufficient number of donors to invest a certain amount of funds to complete tasks, such product to get a lot of money for production and sales. iKeyboard needs 28 June 2011 received $ 4,000 in donations before, investors can get a lot of money.
We believe that this product really deserves to be into the market, What about you ?

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