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In-Depth Review of the Apple Thunderbolt Display [Video]

AnandTech has posted its detailed review of the new Apple Thunderbolt Display. Overall the site is quite happy with the display and hopes that Apple might consider putting a GPU in future models for even better performance.

MacBook Air owners who don’t have options for these high speed interfaces to begin with, the Thunderbolt Display is a must-have. If your MBA is a secondary or tertiary computer that only gets taken on trips perhaps the Thunderbolt Display isn’t so life changing. For those users who have moved from older MacBook Pros to the 13-inch MBA however, the Thunderbolt Display is a wonderful companion.
For MacBook Pro owners the Thunderbolt Display is more of a convenience than anything else. If you ferry your notebook between locations frequently, having to hook up only two cables vs. several is nice. I don’t know how else to word this without sounding incredibly lazy (I promise I’m not), but I’m more likely to move my notebook around if I don’t have to unplug/reconnect 7 cables everytime I get back to my desk.
For me the Thunderbolt Display is good but not perfect. I wish it had a 1/8″ stereo output, an SD card reader and USB 3.0 support. Give me those things and I’d be ecstatic. There’s always next year’s model.

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