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Infinity Blade Cross hits Japan App Store

Back in 2010, there was a great little Game that was released for iOS devices. It was called Infinity Blade.You may have heard of it. Last year, the inevitable sequel launched — which was almost as good as the original. Now, Infinity Blade Cross has just launched on DeNA’s Mobage social gaming platform over in Japan.

Infinity Blade Cross is a free-to-play iOS title that is sort of a blend of old and new elements. The end result is an original Game that casts you as a knight traveling across the kingdom on various quests to combat powerful titans who are hanging out and making everyone miserable. During these quests you’ll acquire gear and other rewards like you would in the normal Infinity Blade fashion (read: buying them with currency or just getting lucky in terms of loot drops), but you also pick up “spirits” which can be fused to increase your stats or purchase in-game items.

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/LzVrYCPKfGI?rel=0″]

Japanese gamers have been getting some pretty big exclusives for mobile devices courtesy of Mobage lately. The Tales RPG franchise has been released, as has Monster Hunter, and it was recently revealed that Virtua Fighter was receiving a card game spin-off on the service.

At the moment, nobody’s saying anything about whether or not Infinity Blade Cross will see a Western release. I guess we’ll just have to wait, see, and keep our fingers (ahem) crossed.

If you want to play the Japanese version of Infinity Blade Cross , you can download Infinity Blade Cross IPA from the link we given below.

Download Infinity Blade Cross v1.0.0 cracked ipa

Download Full Version

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