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Infinity Blade II previewed, Might be the Perfect Sequel

With the launch of Infinity Blade II just a few short weeks away, Chair has shown the Game off to IGN Wireless, and they report that it looks terrific. The game mostly follows in the path of the first title, with the player having to navigate a path over and over while upgrading their equipment and skills while doing so. But this time around, the "loop" is significantly bigger (with an intro section that’s apparently as long as the last game), and there’s another reason for going around it a few times, which we’ll learn as we play through the game.

There are also some significant updates to the gear system, including the ability to dual wield one-handed blades, or even use a big two-handed sword (with its own mechanics for blocking). The magic system has been updated, and gear can now be adorned with gems for extra stats or bonuses. There are a few new varieties of enemies, and enemies will now use tactics like magic also. The world itself is upgraded, too — various trips through the game will unveil new paths and story lines that play out as you go.

And the preview hints at even more interesting features, like "clash mobs," where players all around the world can whittle the health of a huge boss down and then all get a reward for killing it. Sounds really interesting — Infinity Blade II is due out on December 1. Can’t wait!


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