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IntelliScreenX Updated, Adds Messages+ Integration

It’s been a month after IntelliScreenX beta version released, today IntelliScreenX Updated, out of beta. The developer of IntelliScreenX working hard to make a ton of changed. On version 1.1.103,initial non-beta release for IntelliScrenX and the other biggest thing is releasing integrated Messages+, this is still a beta version,which means you must manually enable M+ ISX settings.

Go check it out! Note that IntelliScreenX is for iOS 5 only, however supports all iOS 5 devices except the iPad (at this time).

Name: IntelliScreenX
Author: Intelliborn
Version: 1.1.104
Price: $9.99 + free trial ($7.99 IntelliScreen owners, and free for users who bought IntelliScreen within the last 30 days)

Note: Messages+ comes free with IntelliScreenX. If you wish to use Messages+ without IntelliScreenX, it will be $6.99 for new users, and free for previous owners of Tlert. Messages+ will become a separate package as soon as it is out of beta.

For how to install IntelliScreenX, you can check out our previous post on introducing IntelliSceenX and how to install.

IntelliScreenX Changelog:

1.1.104 (11/17/2011)

– Crash fix when BiteSMS selected

– Messages+ Fix for Passcode use on lock Screen

– Messages+ Fix for hiding conversation when  in other app

What’s New In IntelliScreenX 1.1.107

  • Fix: Intl Keyboard
  • Fix: Twitter always refreshing when set to PUSH
  • Ability to enable/disable lockscreen clock
  • Fix: Mail not displaying when Push/Autofetch disabled

Supportive Devices For IntelliScreenX 1.1.107

I know some of you might looking for the cracked version of IntelliScreenX, but here at iPlayPlus does offers one for you to download,or I should say there is no cracked version on the web, if I found one for real, I will post and share it with you. But still, IntelliScreenX itself offers a 7 days free trail,so after you tired out, you like it, then buy a copy for yourself.


Download IntelliScreenX v1.1.107 .deb

Download IntelliScreenX v1.1.104  .deb 

Here is how to install .deb file.

Download Link For IntelliScreenX 1.1.104 is available. But that is a Trial version. If you want Complete version then you would have to purchase IntelliScreenX 1.1.104 in 9.99$.



Download Full Version

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