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Invader Hunter Released for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

Invader Hunter has just released on app store for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.Invader Hunter is a new iOS Game now only available for download on NZ app store and Invader Hunter is priced at $4.19. You can download Invader Hunter v1.1 IPA from below.

Invader Hunter Introduction

The first high-quality hunting game for iPhone!
Invader Hunter with the background of a space station will make history in iPhone action games.

Spectacular graphics and realistic action like one excellent animation movie. In addition, you can use about 100 weapons to hunt invaders in the station. Try to make the best weapon via 35 stage sets in each rate. You need the best weapons to fight with Zeus and Siren in the last stage.

The music for this game was created by the popular Korean rock band No Brain and makes this game perfect. We provide this game for only $2.99 as we want more people enjoy this game. Pindilab strives to be a professional indi-game lab. We are going to update the game and release new games constantly. Keep an eye on us!

Invader Hunter Scenario

Harsh days of dictatorship by Mangus. Rebel forces commanded by Jim Raybang are getting stronger and the war is now out of control. ….Well… that’s the place of snow and wind.. The station “Natasha” on planet ‘Nova’, which is far from the battlefield, is peaceful and quite. Until they appear!!! Invaders broke into “Natasha” where a few soldiers left as most of the army has been transferred to the battlefield, You are a hired marine and have to clean up all the invaders. Fight and win! Make money! and make your own set of weapons!

Invader Hunter Key features

① Eye-popping animation with an amazingly large amount of frames which has never been seen in a smartphone
② Spectacular graphics like a shell shading based animation movie
③ Level-up and missions via 35 levels, 100 weapons, 40 consumables, and 20 skills
④ A variety of hidden systems
⑤ Music by Hwang Hyun Sung, a member of the Popular Korean rock band “NoBrain”, and heaps of game parody scenes!

Invader Hunter ipa

Invader Hunter cracked

Invader Hunter cracked ipa

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