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iOS 5.1 to be released alongside iPad HD?

With all the hype surrounding the all-but-confirmed iPad 3/HD, I almost forgot about iOS! I know, I know… what was I thinking?! Well, luckily I regained my senses soon enough to let you guys know that we might get a glimpse of iOS 5.1 at tomorrow’s event.

As I’m sure you know, iOS users have been waiting for iOS 5.1 for quite some time now. iPhone 4S users are particularly eager for this update because it’s supposed to fix the battery issues that have been plaguing the latest iPhone since its release. Well, if Chronicwire is correct, we won’t have to wait much longer. Apparently the Gold Master build of iOS 5.1 has been in a “vigorous quality assurance phase” by both Apple and cell carriers to make sure that this software release goes smoother than the last one.

According to Chronicwire, when the software is released, it’ll boast Japanese language support for Siri, an all-new camera slider on the lock screen (right), and at least two secret features the public doesn’t know about yet!

I’m surprised it’s taken Apple this long to get iOS 5.1 out to consumers, but I suppose it’s better to make us wait for a perfect update than give us a buggy one as soon as possible.

So, it looks like tomorrow’s event will be pretty exciting no matter what iOS device you have/are going to get. What do you think these two secret features could be? Are they related to the iPad HD? Weigh in down below in the comments section.

Via: Chronicwire

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