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iOS 5 Feature: over the air (OTA) automatic daily backups


Yup,if you went through all the stuffs on WWDC 2011 today,you might already knew that the iOS 5 feature-Over-The-Air.If you’re tired of consistently having to sync your device to iTunes in order to back it up (I know I am), get ready for a big change. iOS 5 is bringing automatic OTA backups! The backups will be available over Wifi and will back up each day.

Backups will include –

  • Your purchased music (what about stuff in our iTunes that isn’t iTunes purchased?)
  • Media (books, photos, videos)
  • Device settings and app data.

What does this mean for end users? It means gone are the days of having to worry about losing your data if your device gets stolen or damaged.

Get a new one, sign in with your Apple ID and there’s all your data. Just the way you left it.

Excited yet?

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