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iPad 2 launch day in Ireland

555811630520439706cdIt’s a beautiful day in Dublin to be standing in line for the international launch of iPad 2, but apparently Dubliners have better things to do. Either that, or I’m just the only one obsessed about it since last night. Morning checks at Compu b and HMV on Grafton Street in Central Dublin were met with bustling sidewalks but no iPad queues. I have confirmed with Compu b that they will have stock and are the only Apple reseller that seems to have a plan for today. Their 4 locations in Ireland will close at 4:00 pm today to reset and reopen for the iPad 2 unveiling at 5:00 pm. An HMV employee could not confirm any details other than it will be available from 5:00.

While I was milling about Compu b for 10 minutes at midday, I overheard around 4 or 5 other customers asking about iPad availability but none of them stuck around to form a line. The same scenario at HMV down the street – still no queue.

The Irish seem to have Spring fever rather than iPad fever as the thermometer has risen above 50ºF (10ºC). My guess is as soon as the shops close at 4:00, the itch to buy will settle in and queues will form.

UPDATE: I left at about 12:00 for about 2 hours with no line formed and now there 22 people in front of me and 8 behind me. The lucky man to be first in the queue is Kevin who will be buying 2 32 GB 3G-enabled models. Enda Crowley, Compu b Dublin’s social media manager, was "shocked to see this many customers waiting with 3 hours to go" and said he will make sure to tally the stock so that nobody in the queue will be disappointed.

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