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iPad 2, Verizon iPhone, 3-D Gaming, Glasses-free 3d HDTV, Hot Items Expected At 2011 CES

As the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off, there hasn’t been a lack of buzz about the new devices soon to hit the shelves. What’s exciting this year is some of the biggest brands are expected to finally announce news of some of the biggest products we’ve been yearning for. Rumors of a Verizon iPhone are probably the hottest right now, but 4G phones, 3-D gaming and glasses-free 3-D HDTV are all expected to be on the bill.

But of the categories itself, tablet computers are probably going to get most of the attention. There hasn’t been much competition to the iPad in terms of user-friendly interface and speedy technology. But companies like Toshiba will hopefully unload some good news with upcoming devices that provide what Apple doesn’t. Among the few shortcomings of the iPad is cameras and Flash compatibility. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks for things like Skype, which won’t be able to provide outgoing video from the tablet because there’s no front facing camera.

A big chunk of the web runs on the ability to play Flash, so there’s a lot out there surfers will miss. Some of that has been tackled by the new web browser Skyfire, but who knows if it will be able to handle the traffic. Some competitors, like the Samsung Galaxy, are also much smaller and portable than the iPad.The Toshiba device will also allegedly offer a memory card slot for extra storage.

Apple won’t be giving a presentation at the show, with much of it’s electronics already out ahead of the holiday season. But the iPhone may still be a headliner if Verizon does announce a deal, and Steve Jobs may throw some bait out on the iPad 2.

We don’t really know what is going to happen when the CES is said and done, but we do know that news on tablets will reign supreme. Technology on a lot of other devices like 3-D HDTV will be cool to hear, but a lot of it won’t be mainstream for a couple of years. For practical tablets, the future is now. If you’re still holding out on buying one because nothing on sale now is anything more than “neat”, keep your eye on the CES because serious contenders will certainly emerge.

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