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iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire [Video]

The Kindle Fire is out, but if you’re like me you’ve sat on the sidelines to wait for reviews and videos of performance before pulling the buy trigger. Those are starting to appear now, and while it’s obvious the iPad 2 blows the Kindle Fire away in speed and overall utility, the Fire holds up reasonably well considering it’s just $199.


How does it stack up to the iPad 2? The video below from iDownloadblog is a pretty fair comparison for some basic tests of booting, loading web pages, and streaming videos:

We also embedded The Verges video review of the Fire below, it’s not a comparison but it’s a good quick look at the device:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”http://theverge.vid.io/v/6f31a73e-0e8d-11e1-8262-12313d0556e5″]

Is the Kindle Fire worth buying? Hard to say but it certainly looks interesting. Judging by the overall excitement and the cheap price, it’s seemingly guaranteed to be the next most popular tablet, although just how much share (if any) it takes from the iPad remains to be seen.

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