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iPad 2, white iPhone 4 launching in Japan tomorrow? (UPDATED: Germany, too)

On 26th, I posted the iPad will launching in Japan on on April 28th,now had more information say it is most likely launching tomorrow.


Reports are coming in that both iPad 2 and white iPhone 4 will launch in Japan tomorrow, April 27. Even though Apple has yet to make an official announcement regarding the arrival of iPad 2 in Japan, the device will be available for sale beginning Thursday, according to an exclusive report by Nikkei (subscription required) and relayed by CNNGo:

That veritable font of all knowledge, the “Nikkei Shimbun” newspaper, says the shiny lust-bauble will hit Japanese stores in stealth mode, more than a month after the scheduled March 25 launch-date.

And according to a MacRumors report, white iPhone 4 will also launch the same day in Japan, based on the below image listing the April 28 date provided by their reader.


UPDATE [April 27, 2011 8:30 Eastern]
German site Macerkopf.de followed-up by writing that three carriers in Germany – Deutsche Telekom, O2 and Vodafone – will apparently begin offering white iPhone 4 tomorrow as well. This more and more looks like an international thing.  As we await that press release from Apple, feel free to report in the comments white iPhone launch dates in other countries.

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