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iPad 2 will selling in Japan on April 28th?

According to one of Japanese website that collect some information, which may be found iPad 2 on sale in Japan on 28th this month.

First of all , on the Apple’s Japanese official website we can see the “Golden Week” advertising page.Seems this is a very usual page,but hold on,when we take a closer look at the iPad picture shows on,the screen showing 13 icons.And what is that about, in the first generation iPad (iPad 1) usually  have 10 app icons and the screenshot shows below having 13 icons, and this will be only happen in iPad 2.

13 icons shows

Moreover, in one of the Japanese TV show,also mentioned about the iPad 2.It said that iPad 2 will lands Japan on April 28th,which is few days later.

iPad 2 lands japan

iPad 2 lands japan2

Third,in a Japanese electrical retail store have a big picture that shows the iPad 2 on it.And more about this, Softbank company requires all employees standby on 28th,it seems have a important product to release.

ipad 2 japan

ipad 2 in japan

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