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iPad cash register software utility

Central Station in Manhattan, New York Joe coffee shop near the cash register is used as the iPad, but the cash register before the iPad appear in different ways, this clear and simple software interface iPad cash register, but also to print notes.

Video, software developers for us to demonstrate how to use this iPad cash register software to sell coffee. When the cashier landing software, select the customer needs the coffee, the amount of input received, the software will automatically calculate the amount Zhaobu, cash registers will be issued after the end of software as like the traditional cash register sound. In addition, the software can transmit data to the background of networking equipment, coffee shop manager, BackOffice software using real-time view sales, while managing inventory, create reports, export data.

In fact, as early as when the market iPad just have a coffee shop iPad charges. IPad complete the work using the cash register, which can save a small coffee shop space, but also look fashionable.

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