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iPhone 4 Cases Will Not Fit For iPhone 4S! Why?

We all were expecting iPhone 5 launch at the Apple’s Lets Talk iPhone event which was held earlier this month but instead of iPhone 5, the company have treated us with the new iPhone 4S.

As now we have iPhone 4S, it is undoubtedly the best smartphone yet by Apple. Today we have a bad news for you guys, its not that bad like Steve Jobs death. They news is that if you have iPhone 4 and your are willing to buy a iPhone 4S then you must note that the casing of iPhone 4 will not fit in iPhone 4S.

The main difference in the two phones can easily be identified when both the phones are put side by side. As Apple has redesign the antenna system of iPhone 4S, small changes has been made in the button configuration, the two volume buttons and the mute switch have been shifted a few millimeters below. You can easily identify the difference.


This difference is just noticed in AT&T iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, we are not sure about Verizone iPhone 4. So if you are one of those people who thinks that Apple made both of the iPhone’s  identical, then think again.


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