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iPhone 4S VS. iPhone 4 On iOS5 , Rogers 3G Network Speed Test and more.

Today is the iPhone day, people were lined up for the new iPhone 4S. If you are the one, you should got yours right on you hand now.I am such a big iPhone fan, no doubt I got mine. I got a 32 GB with black color from Rogers Wireless, and no waiting,no lined up. Lucky guy!! In the video below I will show you my iPhone 4S unboxing, Rogers 3G network speed test and the power of iPhone 4S browser running. In this video, both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are running on iOS 5. As you might known that iPhone 4S comes with iOS 5,as long as the iOS 5 released in public I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5. So, this is fair enough. The first thing I shown in this video is unboxing of course, then setting up everything,enable Siri. The next thing is run the rogers 3G network speed test on both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.Last, the power of iPhone 4S browser running. The conclusion is iPhone 4S much faster than ever. If you are interested in see how good the camera on iPhone 4S, you can check out this post or this for iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone 4 Footage Comparison. Also you can check out AT&T vs. Sprint vs. Verizon: iPhone 4S Network Speed Test. If you Could Not Activate iPhone 4S on AT&T , this post may help.

Rogers 3G network speed test results:

iPhone 4S  : Ping: 218 ms / Download speed: 5.78Mbps /Upload speed: 3.03Mbps

iPhone 4: Ping: 269ms / Download speed : 4.71Mbps /Upload speed : 1.17Mbps

Enjoy !! Watch the my video below. Tell us your opinions in comment section.

And I love Apple’s iCloud service. Why? Because if you have more than 2 iOS devices like I do, you will love it as well. It will automatically sync your reminder, notes and other things from one of your iOS device to the others.


And one more interesting thing here, I don’t know if any one see the difference between the new iPhone 4S box and iPhone 4 box. Remember that before iPhone 4S released, Apple said that they will redesign the box. Here is the redesigned.

iPhone 4S box redesigned

Download Full Version

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