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iPhone 5 cases: Best comparison pictures we’ve seen yet

Case makers have traditionally been early sources of rumors about Apple’s next whatever big thing. Thus far, it’s been true for the upcoming iPhone 5. Financial incentives stemming from selling cases from day one are measured in millions of dollars in quick profits. Hence, it is really no surprise that case vendors have developed quality sources who tip them Apple gadgets’ dimensions and shapes so they could make molds on time.

It’s a risky, hit-and-miss Game for case makers, but us journalists benefit from early leads into the design of Apple’s future gadgets. Here’s something completely different, though. Italian-language site Macitynet.it has put together a nice gallery of an iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch sitting in the supposed iPhone 5 case. This is definitely the best comparison image set we’ve seen yet. If anything, these shots nicely depict the assumed differences between a future iPhone and its current-generation counterpart. One more image after the break and lots more in the source article.

BTW, remember where you saw those silicone cases first, back in July.



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