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iPhone 5 part surfaces, shows larger display and thinner bezel?[Update]


A purported image of an iPhone 5 part has appeared on a Chinese reseller of Apple parts’ website. Specifically, this part may be the digitizer panel for the fifth generation iPhone’s touch screen. The part’s design appears to be similar to that of the one found on the current iPhone 4 and past iPhone models, but the screen cutout of the panel appears to be much larger than the one found on panels for the current generation of iPhones. No measurements for this cutout have been posted, but it could be the cutout is for a four-inch display, and this matches up with reports from Apple’s production lines in Asia.

Apple is said to be working on a “completely re-designed” iPhone for debut in Summer 2011 with a four-inch display to take on the larger screens found on some of the latest smartphones running Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s next generation iPhone is said to cost less and might feature a new integrated SIM card to be easily configurable on any supported carrier. The iPhone 5 may also carry an upgraded A4 processor, already dubbed the A5 chip, in addition to a new Gobi WWAN chip already found in the Verizon iPhone, designed to work on both CDMA and GSM networks.


Nowhereelse.fr has done some analysis on the image finding replication of artifacts and incorrect lines of perspective. They believe it to be fake. Thanks stagueve.

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