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WARNING: iPhone 5 testers text message is a scam

Just minutes  ago, I received  a text message on my iPhone 4 that saying the following:

Apple is looking for iPhone 5 Testers.  The first 1000 users that go to http://mobile-testers.*** and enter 0214 will get to test and keep the new iPhone 5.

iPhone5 testers
Doubtless, this message is a big fake. As what I know, Apple will never send any message to customers that invite them to test their new coming handsets.  Not just that, as so far no one knows that Apple will launch iPhone 5 or not, let’s say the iPhone 5 will be coming out someday, but when? Only Apple knows. So why have you received  this kind of message? How the hell do they know your numbers?  I don’t have any idea about this.

According to Apple discussion forum, a user said:

Any time you use your phone to call a business, the business can capture that number. Also, the numbers may be generated randomly by computer.

All those messages are coming from different numbers and trying to let you click on the different scam websites,but  all of them are trying to make you to do the same thing:  sign up / enter your zip code or email address ,etc …After you enter your email, they made the money and you will get nothing from them except many many scam emails will going into your email inbox.

What should you do to those text messages, just delete it and never trust any of this kind of messages, they are all big SPAMMERS. So,good luck to everybody.

Did you get the same kind of message? Let us know what you think in comment section below.

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