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Just a couple of months back in this feature, I posted about an app called Dayta that allowed you to track and monitor any type of data you wanted to follow. Now, here’s another app that will do basically the same thing, but with a few more features and a little extra style. Daytum is a newly released iPhone app (though the website itself has been around for a while) that will help you keep track of any numbers you want: your calories or weight, your sports team’s records and stats or even a business’ information. Once you’ve collected that information, you can display it in any number of ways, allowing you to see and track all of your numbers easily. It’s a very flexible system that’s limited only by the way you decide to use it.

The iPhone app is only part of the equation, but it allows you to both enter data on your own and monitor it however you’d like. It’s very well designed, and it has an excellently simple look and interface for entering data. Unfortunately, seeing your data back is not quite as well done, but that’s all right; that information is also available on the website from any browser. Best of all, it’s free — the mobile app is free to download, and the service is free to use. There is a premium subscription available for US$4 a month with more space (and the option to keep your stats private — that may be a major drawback for a lot of users), but the free version works just fine as well. If you need an app to track some custom data, but didn’t want to jump on Dayta, give Daytum a look.

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