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iPhone Daily App: Trip Cubby Free

I already use David Barnard’s great Gas Cubby app to track all of my gas purchases on my little 2005 Matrix, but since I’m getting ready to drive up to Las Vegas today for the big CES show this week (stay tuned for lots of Apple-related coverage right here on TUAW), now seems like a good time to take a look at Trip Cubby, another solid tracking app from the developer.

Trip Cubby allows you to monitor and track any driving trips you happen to make. While the app is made to track them for business purposes (if you need to get reimbursed or paid for your time on the road), you can track your mileage, travel time and expenses for any reason at all. Before a trip, you just enter some basic information about where you’re going and why into the app (and you can tag it with whatever else you want). As you travel, you simply track your odometer, any costs and timing, and Trip Cubby will take care of the rest, giving you all the reports you need. For hardcore users, Trip Cubby can even support multiple drivers and vehicles, and you can create custom deduction categories or sort and search all of your trips.

Just like Gas Cubby, always having an app like this on your phone can be super helpful, as long as you’re diligent (and when you’re traveling for business to get reimbursed, you should be anyway). I’ll appreciate having it along at CES this week. The free version of the app is full-featured, but it has ads in it, as you can see in the pic. The full version of the app is US$4.99, but it removes the ads and allows for as many records as you want.

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