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iPhone get dunked in a goldfish bowl

It’s the weekend, and what better time to watch somebody try to destroy an iPhone than that? After the break below, you can watch video of a presentation at this week’s Launch Conference in San Francisco, in which LifeProof, a company that makes iPhone cases built to withstand the elements, dunks said iPhone in said goldfish tank. They also put condiments all over it, cover it in dirt, and just generally make a mess, all to prove that their iPhone case can protect against whatever gets thrown at it.

The case itself is $69.95, which is a little pricey, but LifeProof of course says that replacing the iPhone completely is much more expensive. I’d suggest that if your iPhone is getting dunked in water or covered in dirt, it might be better to just leave it at home (although I guess there are certain jobs that require a smartphone in less-than-ideal conditions). At any rate, even if you don’t need a case that can withstand a tornado, the video below (the demo starts around 1:40) is an entertaining watch.

Note: This article reprinted from TUAW.COM

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