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iPhone, iPad extend lead over Android in mobile enterprise adoption

Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reported a 64 percent increase in the iPad’s share of all device activations over the past quarter among its more than 2,000 companies deploying mobile devices. The jump extended Apple’s iOS lead over Android, with more than twice as many device activations over all of 2010.

Good provides push messaging, device management and security products for corporate mobile users, serving as an alternative to RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server. As such, Good supports mobile platforms outside of RIM’s own, including Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Symbian, and adding relatively new support for iPhone and Android in December of 2009.

After a full year of supporting its Good for Enterprise solution on both the iOS and Android platforms, Good now reports that iOS devices represent more than 65 percent of all new device activations in the winter quarter of 2010, up from 56 percent last quarter. iPad itself has grown from 14 to 22 percent of all device activations over the same period.

iPhone 4 was the most popular device being put into use by Good’s enterprise clients, followed by the iPad, although the iPhone 3G and 3GS remained in the top five. The top ten devices were rounded out by Android models, with the most popular being Motorola’s Droid X and Droid 2, both of which placed ahead of the now two and a half year old iPhone 3G but still remained behind the low end iPhone 3GS from 2009.

Windows Mobile and Symbian were pushed out of the top ten entirely in the third quarter by devices running iOS or Android, just one year after Good added support for those new mobile platforms.

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