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iPhone Leads US Smartphone Race, But Android Catching Up Fast

Nielsen, the media research firm has just released their data showcasing the performance of the US Smartphone market in the month of November 2010.

According to the report, Apple’s iPhone still leads the pack when it comes to market share with over 28.6 per cent of the market. In second place, but falling sharply is old favourite RIM with its BlackBerry. It accounted for 26.1 per cent of the market share in November. In third spot was Android with 25.8 per cent. It is evident looking at these numbers how competitive the smartphone market has become. However, we should also notice another interesting trend.

When you bring in data from the months prior to November, it becomes clear how fast Android is eating in to both iPhone’s and BlackBerry’s market share. In October 2010, Android was at a distant third spot with just 22.7 per cent of the smartphones market. At about the same time, RIM’s BlackBerry boasted of 27.4 per cent and Apple’s iPhone 27.9 per cent shares. In just a months’ time, Android has managed to not only increase its share, but also inch closer to its adversaries who are seeing a far lesser growth and adoption rates when compared to Android devices.

Also, if you consider the data for the past six months as much as 40% of new smartphone buyers opted for a device based on Android. At the same time, only 26.9 per cent of new smartphone buyers opted for iPhone. The number is even lower (19.2 per cent) for BlackBerry. The saving grace for Apple is that its market share continues to remain stable unlike RIM’s, which is continuously tumbling.

Looking at the way things are moving, it would be just a matter of months before Android overtakes iPhone and becomes the largest smartphone platform in the US. That said, let us also not forget that Verizon is planning to bring a CDMA version of the iPhone soon to Verizon. Analyst expect Verizon to sell at least eight to 12 million iPhone’s when the device arrives on their network. The obvious loser here would be Google in this case because Verizon happens to be the single largest carrier for Android smartphones. However in the long run, Android thanks to its larger variety of devices would eventually outpace iPhone.

Keeping the competition aside, there is a overall good news for the entire smartphones industry. After facing a slowdown of sorts in the past few years, the smartphones segment is growing at a rapid pace. As much as 45 per cent of recent phone buyers chose a smartphone over a feature phone, in November. This was almost 10% lower back in June 2010.

How do you think the smartphones market will change in the next few months? How long do you think Apple can hold on to its number one spot? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


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