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iPhone scored a 4% share of the profits of the industry more than half

According to reports, iPhone only in the global handset market share of 4.2%, but to grab as many as 51% of the total profit.

According to Asymco released a new report from the profit point of view, Apple still command the market. Reported in the December quarter, Apple successfully expanded with seven other top mobile phone manufacturers a leading edge over the previous quarter, the profit share increased by 1%.

In the last week of the fourth quarter of 2010 data, the Apple mobile phone manufacturers in the global market share of 4% in the overall ranking fifth. Meanwhile, the research firm Canalys released a report Monday that Google has replaced Nokia as the largest four-quarter smartphone platform vendor.

Apple said earlier this month in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011, sold 16.24 million units in the iPhone, the company contributed 10.5 billion revenue. In addition, iPhone average selling price in the previous quarter to about $ 610 to $ 625.

Also in the quarter, Apple over a significant milestone, the California-based company Cooper Martino beyond Nokia, the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers revenues.

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