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iPhone sales in Europe six times more then Nokia N8

Morgan Stanley analyst Patrick Standaert Tuesday in an investment report that Apple’s sales in Europe far more than the Nokia N8. 150 in five European countries, a survey conducted by cell phone store, iPhone units sold, six times the number of opponents. N8 said to all aspects of users were satisfied, in addition to the number of applications Ovi Store, the App Store on this point have obvious advantages.

Although the gap between the objective reality, but Standaert spoke highly of this result, said sales in his view, not as outsiders N8 as bad as feared. Although this fall or the Nokia sold 250 million units only N8, 2011 of 900 million units the year, but supported by other products, the results enough to keep 35% of the company’s overall mobile phone market share. According to Gartner, Nokia now has 36.6% market share.

Nokia is currently up for developers to reach 40 million application downloads a day beyond 300 million, that Nokia has been a long time to attract developers to overcome the problems in joining.

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