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iPod classic expected to increase to 220GB

Toshiba this week introduced new 1.8-inch hard disk, iPod classic 160GB capacity is expected to climb to the 220GB, enough to store 55,000 songs, 275 hours of video or over 34,000 pictures.

Although the classic has been slightly old state, and the iPod is no longer the focus of the empire, but still selling this product, mainly has a massive music collection for the avid music fan and like the music turn into Apple Lossless format for better sound quality users.

Toshiba’s new 1.8-inch hard drive into MKxx39GSL Series 160 GB, 200GB, and 220GB of three capacity, speed 4200 rpm. These drives are single platter hard drive – to adapt to iPod size, built-in hard drive must be designed as a single disc, which is why the higher-capacity hard drive has never been used Disc reasons. MKxx39GSL series also uses a new connector, providing a higher 16MB cache, which means that when the iPod is on the move, the player will reduce the possibility of an interrupt occurs.

In addition, the new drive a lower power consumption, battery life is expected to be better. IPod classic now on sale for the 36 hours of usage time. If Apple does not give up this product, then the updated estimate of the iPod to update in September to meet us.

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