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iPray:Prayer Times & Qibla Compass-IPA Inculded

iPray is the ultimate tool to get accurate prayer timings for your selected cities along with accurate Qibla direction from anywhere in the world. iPray offers you:

★ Prayer times for any city round the globe

★ Push & Local Alerts. The far superior Local alerts are automatically used on iOS 4 and beyond whilst Push alerts are used on iOS 3.x devices

★ Displays prayer times for: Fajr, *Ishraaq, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Qiyam-ul-lail (Last 1/3rd of the night; Tahajjud Prayer)

★ A night-stand view to give you a quick overview. Use the night-mode switch to toggle between day and night time

★ Retina HD graphics

★ Tap on the time column to display time left to next prayer

★ Find and save cities using automatic detection or the built-in database (will work even when there is no internet available)

★ Tap on the top left and right borders on the main screen to switch between saved cities and current GPS location

★ Qibla direction for selected cities or using your current GPS position. Supports Magnetic Compass detection on supported devices with a fully immersed interface offering you the current Qibla direction, Sun position in the sky as well as the Moon position and phase

★ Moon Phases and its current state

★ Islamic Events with the freedom of moving between Hijri years

★ Multiple Hijri and Prayer Time Calculation method adjustments

★ Several selectable Adhans for individual prayers

★ Sharing prayer times with others via email

★ Offers more than what meets the eye plus a very unique user experience


* Ishraq prayer does NOT mean Sunrise. Ishraq prayer is 10 to 12 minutes after sunrise. There is a misconception where Islamic websites and people use the word “Ishraq” and then give timings for actual Sunrise. Praying at sunrise is forbidden and must be performed after at least 10 minutes of sunrise. iPray for this reason adds 10 minutes to sunrise and labels it correctly as “Ishraaq”.

* Push and Local background alerts will ONLY alert you with an initial Takbir. The full athan (and its length) is currently NOT supported by the iOS alert mechanism.


You can purchase iPray from App store at $3.99.Also if you have your devices jailbroken you can download our IPA file to install into your iPhone,iPad or iPod touch  for free.Note: Only for testing,if you like the this App,you mush purchase from App Store.Before you download the IPA file,you should know few things below:

1.Gеt уουr iOS devices jailbroken ready.If уου ԁіԁ nοt,check out ουr jailbreak tutorials posted here.

2.Yου need tο know hοw tο add IPA files tο уουr iPhone,iPad οr iPod touch,tutorials posted here.

Thе IPA file download posts below:

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