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iSwift v1.4 For Mac – Objective-C to Swift converter. As you type.

iSwift is the easiest way to convert your Objective-C code to Swift.

iSwift for MacFeatures:
  • Ultra fast: Automatic as-you-type conversion, so that you don’t lose even a single second. Yep, instantly.
  • Drag’n’Drop: Drop your Objective-C source onto the App icon, import the file and have it instantly converted. Yep, just like that.
  • Smart: Syntax Highlighting, Autocompletion, Live Syntax Checking & Error Reporting and Lots of Advanced editing options. (Powered by Peppermint)
  • Friendly UI: A neat editor, your sources side-by-side and all that packed in a beautiful easy-to-use User interface. What more can you need?
  • Sophisticated: iSwift tries to recognize, parse and convert all Objective-C code (2.0 too!) to valid Swift code.

What’s New

Version 1.2:

  • Initial release


    • Intel
    • OS X 10.7 or later


Version 1.4:

    • Floating-point constants not being recognized
    • #pragma directive not being recognized
    • Convert #pragma mark directives to annotated comments
    • Blocks not recognized as variable declarators
    • Several NS- struct types not being recognized: NSHashEnumerator,NSHashTableCallBacks,NSMapEnumerator,NSMapTableKeyCallBacks,NSMapTableValueCallBacks,NSPoint,NSPointArray,NSPointPointer,NSRect,NSRectArray,NSSizeArray,NSSizePointer
    • IBOutlet reference not being properly converted
    • IBAction methods not being properly converted
    • x.y expressions – wrong output
    • #define preprocessor statements not being recognized
    • #undef preprocessor statements not being recognized
    • #if, #endif blocks not being recognized
    • Enhanced styling in assignment statements
    • Use print instead of NSLog
    • Use String interpolation instead of C-style format specifiers – for NSLog/print
    • Self not being converted – omitted

iSwift for Mac dmg

Download iSwift for Mac: Official ($9.99)

v1.4: Userscloud.com | Megacloudfiles


Download Full Version

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