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iTunes film audience again exert enhanced interactive experience

Although new features to the shelves iTunes Extras iTunes movie does not have to add the DVD content, making it more advantages than the DVD disc. However, this feature is not so far been fully supported by iTunes, iTunes movie sales for little effect. To rectify the situation, Sony Pictures decision to increase the function of iTunes movie content and characteristics.

According to reports, Sony will be in The Other Guys, Salt, and Resident Evil: Afterlife these three films add a new set of features to enhance the audience experience. Customers buy a movie which will find three new features that the DVD or any digital platform can not be found.

First, the search keys allow you to enter a word, the search lines in the film shot with this word, and provides links, the user can click into the view. “Editing and Sharing” feature allows the user to select any movie clip and sent to social networking friends. Finally, the film also features soundtrack music playlist, viewers can click on the link to iTunes to buy the soundtrack.

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