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iZON webcam and iPhone catch a thief in the act

Stem Innovations iZON Remote Room Monitor, it’s a sleek little Wi-Fi webcam that looks like it was designed in Cupertino, and includes an iOS app for setup and monitoring of the device. The iZON can be triggered by motion in a room, and then send video up to a private YouTube account for you to view. That iZON feature was recently used by a woman from Boynton Beach, Florida to catch a burglar (a neighbor) who was stealing her medication.


The woman thought someone was taking prescription drugs from her, so she purchased an iZON, set it up with her iZON, and captured video of her neighbor entering her condo and taking the drugs. The victim called the local police, and with the help of the iZON video, they were able to arrest the perpetrator.

It’s a very cool story about an innovative product that the elderly victim was able to set up and use without assistance: a testament to the ease of use of iOS and the iZON device and software. Enjoy the video clip below. [Via TUAW]

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