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Jailbreak and iPhone Lexicon

Here is a summary of the “iPhone Lexicon” vocabulary for the new iPhone users.
A lexicon to help you to familiarize yourself with the terms of the world of jailbreak like iboot, tethered, etc

iPhone V1/2G
First generation of the iPhone. EDGE Internet Network : low flow
iPhone 3G/G3S
Second and third generation of iPhone. 3G Internet Network : high band
UMTS is the successor of the GSM. It’s a 3G network based on W-CDMA standard. It can also be wide to the 4G standard. It’s the technology used by the iPhone 3G and 3GS.
Microsoftware which manages your iPhone, system of exploitation of your iPhone.
The extension of file ipsw wants to say iPhoneSoftware. A file IPSW is nothing more than one file firmware (microsoftware) for the iPhone.
The accelerometer is a very small device with 3 axes which supervises the position of the iPhone in its environment. It can define how the iPhone is held or if it undergoes a rotation.
Increased reality is a research in the field of computers which is occupied with the combination of information of the world reality mixed with the information generated by computer. It uses the camera of your iPhone to post digital information in real-time encrusted on what you can see through the objective of your camera
It is the screen of your iPhone, composed of several pages, launching of your applications thanks to the icons on your banner page.
To activate your iPhone means to allow the access to SpringBoard by saying on your telephone that you use an operator of telecommunication functioning officially with your iPhone.
The hacktivation is anything else only one activation. But activation of a firmware by the jailbreak of this one.
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) is a small chip provided by your telephone operator who contains your data single and specific to your subscription.
The baseband is a subsystem of the iPhone which manages all the functions which require an antenna, such as for example a telephone call.
Unsimlock your iPhone means to “open” the modem (baseband) of your iPhone in order to accept charts SIM of not supported operators of origin
GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a method of localization of your iPhone 3G or 3G S thanks to satellites.
IMEI number of your iPhone is unique. IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity.
(Attached Modem) Tethering means to use a mobile peripheral in order to give access to Internet another apparatus.
App Store
App Store is a service for the iPhone and the iPod Touch created by Apple which allows the users to discover and download applications since the iTunes Store which are developed with iPhone SDK and published by Apple.
Your iPhone was conceived with restrictions which prevents you from installing applications obtained by sources other than those of the proper store of Apple. In order to be able to install third applications, your iPhone needs to be released.
iBoot is the bootloader responsible in the processor of the applications on the iPhone. iBoot deals with putting the iPhone in recovery mode.
Protocol which makes it possible to be connected to a distant machine with a protected connection. The data are encrypted between machines. It makes it possible to carry out orders on a distant waiter.
Recovery Mode
The recovery mode is a state of iBoot used during the updates and the standard restores.
DFU Mode
DFU Mode is a special mode during which the iPhone can still interact with iTunes and during which it is not carried out yet the operating system of the iPhone or iBoot. In DFU mode, the screen seems to be off, making impossible to say if the iPhone is in DFU mode or off.
“Pwned” an iPhone means to prepare it so that it accepts a custom version of the firmware (also called files ipsw files) in iTunes.
Cydia Store
Created by Jay “Saurik” Freeman, an alternative to Apple Store for jailbroken iPhone.
Icy is a fitter and manager of packets for the iPhone, created and managed by Ripdev. Icy makes it possible to discover and download applications since a broad range of sources.
A repository (deposit or reference frame) is a centralized storage since which software can be downloaded and installed. It is composed of sources (Web addresses) which can be added to Cydia or Icy.

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