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JellyBoard deb for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Enhance your typing experience with easy to use gestures on your keyboard! JellyBoard is made to enhance your typing experience in iOS.
It adds easy to use gestures to your keyboard, to perform tasks like Delete a word or Sentence, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select Text, Paste a predefined Text, Enclose Text in Chars and Move Cursor. You can define JellyBoard’s sensitivity in Settings and also set up what gesture’s you’d like to be enabled.

AltKeyboard: JellyBoard’s ‘Up’-gestures are disabled by default to not conflict with AltKeyboard. Please don’t enable them, while AltKeyboard is installed, since they’d both be trying to respond to the same gestures.

SwipeSelection: JellyBoard will detect whether SwipeSelection is installed or not, and will disable its
‘Left’- and ‘Right’-gestures to not conflict with SwipeSelection. ‘Up’- and ‘Down’-gestures will work fine though.

JellyBoard is tested on iPhone and iPad running iOS 6 and iOS 5.

Configure options from Settings

jellyboard deb

Download JellyBoard 1.0.3-5 deb: Direct Link

Download Full Version

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