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Jobs and Jonny Ive to work together to create stunning products

Apple CEO Steve Jobs  with overall responsibility for the design Jonathan Ive intimacy, so that They park at the Cooper, where Valentino is referred to as “Jives”.

This dynamic duo from the 90s in the last century, since they are inseparable, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple’s Ive found that the young are in a basement, filled with hundreds of design model around. Jobs was aware of the moment, the company has a valuable resource, should be put into use.

National Public Radio has two days to work together to create some of the most significant product Apple-depth coverage.

“Inside Steve’s Brain” author Leander Kahney an interview about two men obsessed with attention to detail in this congenial common. IPod eve of the release, Steve Jobs found in the headphones into the headphone jack can not be issued a “click” sound.

“So he ordered the engineers to tear down the machine and replace the headphone jack all, the new interface will be issued when the headphones into the perfect ‘cracking’ sound. So guys night started in the morning to reporters and the media have on the iPod to Re-packaging. ”

Apple noted that the details of quality for consumers, but also noted that competitors, but it is an expert known as “design thinking”concept since no one can copy.

“Apple shares at the forefront of new trends, design ideas of color selection is not in the closing stages when the curvature of the corners or the decision to join, you must be implanted in the first, ” said Professor Keith Sawyer Washington University.

The partners in the other fields have the same view: that both Jobs and Ive must work closely with hardware and software. Professor Sawyer said, iPhone and the iPod is part of the entire system, including electronic music stores, video stores and bookstores.

“Arc is followed by design and keystrokes. The real core of the iTunes store is part of the overall user experience of thinking, and without a record company on how to obtain copyright in China. These factors combined created the iPod’s success. “

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