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Junk Jack updated to version 1.0.50 with many new features

Junk Jack is a 2D sandbox Game where you can explore, build your home and survive in random procedurally generated worlds full of monsters, treasures and hidden secrets.

If you need help, please contact us!
We’ll do our best to help you.

This is just the beginning!

We are constantly adding updates like explosives, new monsters, recipes, and many more will come. The world is always evolving!

Join our forum (http://forum.pixbits.com) and help us to improve our Game, and share your creations!

* retro style pixel art!
* beautiful sound tracks from Bright Primate
* intuitive controls: swipe to move and tap to interact with everything!
* dynamic day/night cycle
* placeable and throwable explosives that can destroy buildings, landscapes and monsters!
* zombies, skeletons, and many more underground creatures!
* plantable trees
* a fully featured lighting system together with many different sources of light and global lighting
* 3 slots for infinite worlds that you can generate and explore, every world is different from any other!
* procedural generation which creates beautiful worlds with plants, caves, different biomes all around the world
* a double layered world which allows to customize background and foreground of your creations
* critters and enemies to fight
* many ores and shiny gems to help your adventure
* many hidden containers full of strange treasures
* more than 400 treasures + 200 added for a total of 600!
* more than 130 crafts + 65 added for a total of 195!
* more than 100 different materials for your buildings
* many elements to decorate your houses (like sofas, tables, wardrobes, paintings, statues and many others)
* an in-game discoverable book to teach you how to play and the recipes available
* shelfs to place items around just to make your buildings shine
* minimap (with a really zoomed out feature to allow you to share your creations)

What’s New in Junk Jack Version 1.0.50

**please make a itunes backup of your worlds to avoid any chance of loss! **

New features:

• Craftable jigsaw puzzle!
• Junk Jack Shop! (buy small things to support the developers)
• Explosives!
• Attack visibility toward mobs (experimental)
• Walking behavior for mobs
• Writable signs
• New mob: maya zombie!
• New mob: mummy!
• New mob: zombies!
• New mob: skeletons!
• New mob: mother dynaslime!
• New mob: dynaslime!
• New mob: meat launching zombies!
• New mob: skeleton bomber!
• New skeleton statue (hard to craft)
• New zombie statue (hard to craft)
• Wild boar goulash can now be crafted
• Dead tree saplings!
• New craftable cottage pavement
• New craftable cottage bricks
• New craftable roof tiles
• Delicious cactus soup can now be crafted


• It’s now possible to sleep in bed during night to reach dawn quickly
• You can hold on switch page button in craftbook to quickly navigate it
• It’s possible to remove placeable decorations (like half blocks or TNT) from blocks with a hammer
• Plantable papyri
• It’s now possible to attack mobs with every object in your hands
• Revamped the graphics of the jumping skull and bone loots
• Game Center button replaced the unstuck feature
• New Cobblestone texture (again!)
• Treasures are pushed out (if possible) of blocks that are filled by placing solid blocks
• Optimized map generation (it will be generally faster)
• Optimized the whole engine (everything will be faster, especially on older devices)
• Now splitting an item with multiple variants can yield them randomly
• Brand new logo!
• Wool now makes the correct sound when walking on it
• Fixed a bug that allowed to exploit bridges to climb fast
• Hell blocks with slabs can be properly broken again
• Bookshelves are now a solid block
• Biome dirt blocks no longer drop also normal dirt
• 19 achievements implemented
• Removed cigarette from Jack’s mouth (he quit smoking!)
• Super zoom cooldown removed (now you can go back and forth freely)
• Throw mechanics with tap for explosives (not hold)
• Bridges attached to growing trees now fall down when leaf block grows
• Friendly Mobs no longer drop healing potions
• Clay blocks in the craftbook reflect the new clay style
• Main Menu is no longer christmas themed
• Jack has put his christmas suit in the closet
• Plate rocks no longer drops also normal rocks
• Crafting 9 nails into an iron ingot now requires a Forge (as shown in craftbook) and not an Anvil anymore
• Now you can trash items also by pressing trash button while an item is selected (no need to drag)
• Wood Door doesn’t have a chance to break anymore
• Item amount dropped from craftable chests when broken is now retained (you won’t lose items anymore)
• Now a block in the back layer can be broken directly after having placed it
• Pause menu doesn’t disappear anymore upon device lock/autolock
• Recursive destruction of ladders/bridges shouldn’t have glitches anymore
• Now opened trapdoors with ladders overlapped allow falling of items/mobs
• Now trapdoors disallow exit of mobs/items from below when closed
• Tapping a trapdoor overlapped with a ladder with bare hands shouldn’t crash the game anymore
• Fixed a bug through which Jack could get stuck into blocks (no need for unstuck button anymore!)
• Used items shouldn’t remain in quickslots as ghost items anymore
• Climb animation is now fixed when started by jumping up to a hanging ladder
• Climb animation animation on ladders over bridges is now fixed
• Quickslot is preserved while opening/closing inventory if a new one is not selected
• Fixed a lighting bug that occurred when placing a light over a daylit block, covering it and then digging right below it

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