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Jurassic Park™ Builder v4.5.6Hack

Another request by our members, Jurassic Park™ Builder 4.5.6 hack here for you to get unlimited everything on jailbreak iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.

What’s New in Jurassic Park™ Builder Version 4.5.6

Hello Jurassic Park Builders!

• Level up to get the chance at new Aquatic AND Glacier dinosaurs through the Market!
• New missions available in your Jurassic, Aquatic, and Glacier Parks.
• Continue earning more experience points and reach Level 95.
• Bug fixes for overall Game performance that help improve your experience in the Game.

Thanks for playing Jurassic Park Builder!
Don’t miss any of the news by staying on top of all the latest developments.

The Jurassic Park Builder dev team

Jurassic Park™ Builder 4.5.6 hack features:

  1. Unlimited everything except cash/money
  2. Speed up for 0 cost

Jurassic Park Builder cheat

How to hack Jurassic Park™ Builder with jailbreak:

1. Install and run the Game. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download the Jurassic Park™ Builder hack file from the link given below

3. Unzip the file.

4. Use iFunbox or iTools copy the file to  var/mobile/Applications/Jurassic Park//JurassicPark-prod.app/  (Video tutorial here)

5. Overwrite existing file.

6. Set permissions to 777 to the file ” /JurassicPark-prod” using iFile. (Video tutorial here)

7. Reboot your device.

8. Done!

Download:Zippyshare – unzip password: JPB-J8mesz

Download Full Version

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  1. didn’t want to bug you with another email, J8mesz, but I’m just throwing it out there to anyone who might’ve had the same experience… you can’t speed up the eggs hatching, or removal of rocks without cash, and the hack doesn’t provide cash. Am I doing something wrong?

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