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Keep Your Favorite Contacts On Notification Center Using WeeSpeeddial

Back in last month, I introduced you a jailbreak tweak named “FavoriteContacts” can be adding your favorite contacts to your iOS 5 Notification Center so that you can keep in touch with your family or friend quickly by just slide down your notification center and started to send them emails, text them messages and FaceTime. Well, if you like “FavoriteContacts”, you will more much like this tweak that I am going to introduce to you. This tweak called “ WeeSpeeddial for Notification Center“, or we can shorten it to “ WeeSpeeddial“.


WeeSpeeddial Jailbreak Tweak actually purposes the same thing what FavoriteContacts does, it’s similary, but much better than FC.

FavoriteContacts (FC) is good but why I said WeeSpeeddial is better? Well, in my own opinions: First,WeeSpeeddial is easier to use. Unlike FC,WeeSpeeddial can simply tap on your contacts to quickly and easily call your friends, text them, email them and have FaceTime with them. Yep, FC can does all these things too, but let’s face it, may I ask you a question, which one is easier? Second, the app’s design. WeeSpeeddial will roll out the “call”, SMS”,”FaceTime” and “Email” icon to let you to choose what you need to do with your friend, but FC does not, it’s a bit harder to use.

The bad thing of WeeSpeeddial ? The only bad thing I discovered, that is, while you tap on the contact on Notification center may not working smoothly. If you find anything bad or good about this Cydia App, just feel free to leave your comments below.

The price for WeeSpeeddial is $1.49, I know, it’s more expensive than FC.  So, make your own choice, grab the one you prefer more. You can find WeeSpeeddial under bigboss repo. Remember, only works on iOS 5 or higher.

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