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Know The Cost-Effectiveness Of Your Apps

Price Cooker

Hot Apps Factory has announced the release of Price Cooker 1.1, an utility App for iPad. It has been made for the players of the iOS world who want to quickly estimate the profitability of an iPhone or an iPad App, without having to open a freaky table editor each times. With Price Cooker, you can estimate your expenses and revenue within scenarios. This allows you to create different kind of forecasts, from the selling price to the number of downloads, as well as the production’s costs.
Price Cooker is the fastest way for you to know what your revenue may be. Price your App, estimate the number of downloads, add in app purchases, advertisements or others sources of revenue, the result is refreshed live. The 30% of the fruit company are automatically subtracted, what you see is what you will get. (Work only if your forecast is good!)
Evaluate the production costs of your next application; Pay wages, rent an office or web servers, buy a Mac or an iPad or add various sources of expenses, once again, Price Cooker refreshes the result live. Every time you change something, it has a direct impact on the net result displayed. You can then duplicate your scenario and make high and low assessments on your profitability. Paid, Free Ads or Freemium? Finding the right method is easier with Price Cooker. Export your scenarios as a PDF with a minimalist layout, and share your vision with your team or a client. The exported PDF is optimized for print.

Features Highlights
* Create multiple sales scenarios
* Estimate the expenses and revenue
* Find a break-even point in less than 5 minutes
* Replaces a table editor to calculate Apps profitability
* Export scenarios as PDF
Price Cooker is the stand-alone version of Pricing, one of the 5 widgets of App Cooker. A little revolution in the production process of creating an iPhone or an iPad App. Coming soon.
"We believe that developers will save a lot of time with Price Cooker" stated a spokesman for Hot Apps Factory. "This is the first step for us. We have great products coming later this year and we think they will all contribute to improve the productivity of players of the iOS world."
Pricing and Availability:
Price Cooker 1.1 is currently free on May 4 2011 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category. After that, Price Cooker will be downloadable at $7.99 for the followers. Review copies are available upon request.

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