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THE KING OF FIGHTERS i 2012 – Unlimited Power + Ultra

Yesterday, I have already told you about how to unlocked “Nests-Style Kyo” and ” Classic IORI” and get unlimited coins on KOF-i 2012. Those tricks are working for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken idevices. Now, the [email protected] I am going to give to you is only for Jailbroken idevices. In this [email protected], you will get unlimited power and unlimited Ultra on THE KING OF FIGHTERS i 2012. If you have already used the previous coin [email protected] I given before, you then will have “Unlimited everything”.

KOF i 2012 hack

How to get unlimited Power and Ultra on KOF-i 2012:

1. Download the [email protected] version of KOF-i 2012 from the link given below

2.Unzip the file you just downloaded.

3.Install the IPA file.

4. Enjoy KOF-i 2012 with unlimited Power + Ultra+ coins.

Download KOF-i 2012 AG version 

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Grab the download password from VIP Section

Here is how to unlocked “Nests-Style Kyo” and ” Classic IORI” and get unlimited coins 

Download Full Version

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  1. GREAT!!! Works like wonder with the coins and character hacks on my 3GS 5.1.1..
    To all; u guys shud check it out MC3 v1.3.0 hacks by J8mesz too… its flawless! im especially an MC2/3 fan and so so happy to get this hack. j8mesz is first to hack this! u n appleguider rock dude!

  2. Dude, give the link for free users also. >.<

    • its not fair thn for us VIPs.. Which i dun think J8mesz will do that 😉
      Paying for this VIP thingy in my point of
      view its just fair enuf.. coz i personally research most of J8mesz
      hacks r not found anywhere else in the web or cydia..even if there is(or
      similar), mostly they r pirated.. theres alot of “pirates” who stole n
      sell off hacks for their own purpose..whereas J8mesz did all his
      hardwork himself, so giv this guy a credit atleast.. i mean like how
      many of us can hack? and yet we need these hacks.. so ppl like J8mesz,
      we should giv them a credit…for an example, at least $3.99 for 30 mths
      membership? Can’t you afford that? Trust me, though im a new member, his hacks are worth our needs! and ORIGINAL… Loves his work and loves this site! 😉 CHEERS to you J8mesz and iPlayPluss’ VIPs!;)

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