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KT to Launch Apple Certified NFC Case for the iPhone

South Korea’s telecom KT Corp is launching an Apple Certified NFC case for the iPhone, reports The Korea Herald and The NFC Times.
KT doesn’t expect Apple to bring NFC capabilities to the iPhone for another year so it has decided to use Wireless Dynamics’ iCarte to provide Near Field Communication capabilities.
“With the recent launch of NFC-enabled smart(phones), iPhone users were showing increasing needs for NFC services,” Hyunmi Yang, executive vice president for integrated customer strategy at KT, said in a statement. “As a global leader of NFC services, KT plans to provide more convenient and differentiated NFC services to its customers.”
The case will enable payments from some of Korea’s largest credit card companies, including Shinhan Card, prepaid transit card accounts, and KT’s NFC mobile wallet, olleh touch.
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