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Leaked Footage Shows White iPhone 4 With Expose (iOS 5?) [Video]

Remember the second people to bring the world legit photos of the iPhone 4? How about a mid-year MacBook refresh and an iPod touch camera prototype? Well, they (Tinhte) are back and they’re back with a white iPhone 4. It’s not any White iPhone 4, see, it runs a never before seen version of iOS 4. From the looks of things, iOS 4 could have lost the Spotlight search menu from the iOS 3 days and the iOS 4 multitasking instead could have been an Expose multitasking page with a Spotlight menu at the top of the display. Really cool stuff happening here. (via Engadget)

Update: We’ve found a new video from the same source, this time showing off some of the device’s hardware: it’s 64 GB and obviously a prototype based on the camera and buttons designs. Oh, iOS 4 could have brought a brand-new home screen folders interface… it’s/was awesome!

Why we think it’s really something Apple crafted: This particular phone is running an Apple-internal application called “Radar” in addition to a Game called “Tough Fighter.” If you’re not familiar, Touch Fighter is a game Apple actually built to show off the iPhone’s accelerometer and graphics performance at one of their early SDK keynote. Some of the settings menus also look pretty internal

Update 2: Facebook integration in iOS? It’s probably integrated nicely with Media Stream for photo uploading and such. Cool. Thanks, Will Strafach, Stephen H, Piratx

Remember that Facebook video uploading we found in iOS 4 that never made it to the market? Yeah…

Facebook video

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