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Learn Chemistry On The iPhone Or iPod touch


Chem Pro is the only Chemistry resource you will need to excel in either AP Chemistry or General Chemistry. Chem Pro combines three great applications into one. An amazing lesson library containing a total of 80 videos that cover the entire course of AP/General Chemistry, eight incredible sets of flash cards, and two essential tools – a molar mass calculator and a unit converter.

Lessons: Chem Pro contains a total of 80 video lessons – over 31 hours of playback time. These lessons are dedicated to helping students solve problems, the most important skill to have if you want to excel in a Chemistry course. This is the perfect companion to have after you step out of the classroom. Problems are solved stepwise at a slow and easy to follow pace. These videos don’t just cover one example problem per topic, they cover all the possible problem scenarios that you would encounter in your homework or on an exam.
Only what is important to solving the problem is covered, and there are no times where the video goes off topic. Every Chemistry topic is covered, from calculating molar masses to drawing Lewis structures to weak acid/base equilibrium. If you want to see what a lesson covers without watching the whole video, just tap the blue arrow next to the lesson name and the details of that lesson will appear. All 80 videos are downloaded right onto your iPhone or iPod touch along with the application so you won’t have to download anything else when you want to watch a lesson. You can learn whenever and wherever you go. All the videos are designed specifically for the iPhone’s screen so they are not blurry or hard to read. These videos don’t come from YouTube either, so you can be safely assured that you are not wasting your money when you buy this app.
Flash Cards: Chem Pro contains eight sets of flash cards specifically designed for what any student needs to memorize for his or her Chemistry course. With these flash cards, you can easily memorize the 40 basic element names and symbols, the 20 common polyatomic ion names and formulae, the common acid names, solution colors (specifically for the AP Exam), and the 13 VESPR molecular geometries.
After you have memorized this material, you will be sure to have a heads up on your classmates when exam time comes around. Simply select what you would like to memorize from the list of flash cards, and you are presented with clean user interface removed of any distractions. Just tap on the flash card and it amazingly flips around to show you the answer. Just swipe back and forth to go to the previous or next card. It’s that simple! What’s even better is that every time you go to a flash card set, it automatically randomizes the order of the cards so that you can quiz yourself to make sure you know the material. This great feature can save you hours of time making index cards to memorize Chemistry concepts.
Tools: Chem Pro contains two essential and time saving Chemistry tools – a molar mass calculator and a unit converter. While it is important to know how to calculate the molar mass of any compound or convert common units, these tools can save you an enormous amount of time doing these tedious calculations. With the molar mass calculator, simply scroll and pick the elements in your molecular formula and hit enter! The app does all the work. The molar mass calculator is pre-programmed with all the elements that you would find in any molecule used in Chemistry courses.
The most common elements are conveniently placed at the front of the calculator for quick and easy molar mass calculations and you can tap the same element multiple times to get more in your formula. Have a molecular formula that contains parentheses? No problem! Use the parentheses buttons to easily calculate the molar masses of complicated molecules. Have a compound that is a hydrate? Don’t worry! Just tap the hydrate button to easily add water molecules in your molecular formula. The unit converter contains all the standard units for length, mass, volume, temperature, pressure, energy and time.
Simply scroll back and forth between the different categories of units. Type the number and the select the unit you want to convert and you are automatically presented with a choice of conversions. In addition, the unit converter supports negative numbers and scientific notation for those tiny or huge numbers.
Chem Pro was developed by students for students. It will not only teach you Chemistry in a way you won’t find in the classroom, but also provide you with several time saving tools you will love to use. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about anything in the application (including the lesson or video content) please feel free to utilize Chem Pro’s built in e-mail form to send us your thoughts, or you can just send an e-mail to iHelpNYC. Please try to be as detailed as possible.
Pricing and Availability:
Chem Pro 1.1.1 is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. If you are interested in Chem Pro, make sure to try out Chem Pro Lite which is also now available on the App Store. Chem Pro Lite contains the first 10 lessons of Chem Pro for an unbeatable price of free.
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