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LifeProof Your iPhone 4

A new iPhone 4 case made its debut at the LAUNCH conference yesterday, and it’s another entry into the super-tough iPhone case market.  Named the LifeProof, this one promises to keep your phone safe from harm in pretty much any situation short of a full-blown shootout.

Here’s what it does: the case is sealed to protect against dust and dirt, it’s shock and drop tested to 2 meters, and completely sealed to the point where it’s able to be submerged underwater to a depth of 2 meters.  All this is a case that adds 1.5mm and 28 grams to your iPhone 4.  This degree of protection sees the LifeProof case recommended to anyone who works in tough environments, or enjoys activities including off-roading, skiing, swimming, surfing or any type of extreme sport.  Aside from that, if you’re accident prone, the case should protect against expensive mistakes too!

Interestingly, the LifeProof case covers the camera lens in a special optical glass and promises an ‘unprecedented crystal-clear photo and video quality’, which combined with the waterproof aspect could mean we’ll start seeing great underwater shots taken by intrepid iPhone 4 users!

During the launch at, um, LAUNCH, a phone encased in the LifeProof case was covered in eggs and ketchup, then dumped in a bowl of water to prove its abilities and sure enough, the phone happily continued to work.

The case is up for pre-order at the moment, and it’s priced at a fairly hefty $69.99, however judging by the performance in the ‘beach’ video below, you’ll be getting one seriously tough case.  Also listed as coming soon on the site is a LifeProof case for the iPad.


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