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LogicalVue Software Announces SQLVue 4.1


LogicalVue Software has announced the availability of SQLVue 4.1, the top-selling IDE for SQLite developers. SQLite is a free, open-source database engine that is taking the world by storm. It is used by a wide variety of applications and development tools, including Mac OS X (CoreData), iOS, Real Studio, Adobe Flex/Air, Google Gears, Bento and more.
Whether you are developing the next great iOS application or simply need to edit data in an existing SQLite database, SQLVue will make your database development more productive. You can quickly edit table data using the data editor. The robust SQL editor will auto-complete SQL commands, table names and column names. SQLVue also gives you quick access to the official SQLite documentation.

SQLVue uses a tab-based design familiar to most developers. Other features include:
* Full code completion (for SQLite syntax and your table and column names)
* Full display of database Pragma values
* Table editor that displays all table information one place
* Simple, clean design
"I am incredibly pleased with the response to SQLVue. In the first week that SQLVue 4.0 was available, it reached #2 in the Developer Tools category. We are continuing to refine and improve SQLVue based on customer feedback.", said Paul Lefebvre, President of LogicalVue Software.
New features for SQLVue 4.1 include:
* All-new table designer: create and alter tables without using SQL
* Easily create Views from SQL statements
* Export database table structure as SQL commands to include in your apps
* Ensure the quality of your SQLite databases with the Database Integrity Check and Index Analyzer
* Create demo databases using the Chinook sample database, populated with significant sample data
* And much more!
Pricing and Availability:
Through June 14, 2011, SQLVue 4.1 is offered at a special introductory price of $14.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Developer Tools category. Be sure to check out our companion product, SQLite Migrator, which can be used to migrate just about any database to SQLite.
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