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Loyal iPhone Customers Outraged Over iPhone Upgrade Eligibility

iPhone customers who purchased their device on launch day last year are being told by AT&T that they are not eligible to upgrade their devices for $199 despite the longer than normal time between devices.
CultofMac spoke with AT&T and were told by a CSR that upgrade eligibility dates and the pricing models are all dictated by Apple; however, a report from TNW suggests that AT&T is now setting eligibility dates based on the value of your account.
Tier 1 customers,” aka those who spend the most money per month (unlimited minutes + 2gb data + unlimited texts) are eligible every 12 months for early upgrade.
Tier 2 customers,” aka [almost every subscriber,] who have either the 900 or the 450 minute plan but who still use the highest data plan and highest texting plan are eligible every 18 months.
Tier 3 customers,” the ones who spend as little as possible and or the ones who’ve had late pays or service interruptions must wait the full 24.

Did you buy an iPhone 4 on launch day? Let us know if you are eligible for an upgrade in the comments. You can check your eligibility here.


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