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Lunar Silver Star Story Touch v1.2.1 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Lunar Silver Star Story Touch for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch
Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch

Long ago, a great Dragonmaster named Dyne, with the aid of his faithful companions, defended the goddess Althena from a terrible evil. Time has passed, and those great adventurers have become the stuff of legend, but the world of Lunar is now threatened by a shadowy figure known as the Magic Emperor. In a humble village, far removed from the turmoil, lives a young man named Alex. Idolizing the legendary Dyne, Alex dreams of one day becoming a renowned Dragonmaster and matching the achievements of his lifelong hero. Encouraged by his childhood friend Ramus, Alex sets out with his companion Nall and his adopted sister Luna on a seemingly trivial quest, unaware that it would prove to be the first step in an epic adventure whose outcome will determine the fate of the entire world.

Following the critically-acclaimed iOS port of the Japanese roleplaying Game Vay, SoMoGa has returned to bring you Lunar: Silver Star Story, now with numerous enhancements for iOS! A traditional, turn-based Japanese RPG, this port offers:

– Nearly a full hour of animated cut scenes
– Remastered soundtrack with high quality music and voice tracks
– A completely updated interface designed specifically for iOS
devices, including an onscreen joypad
– GameCenter integration
– And much more!

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

In response to user feedback, we’ve incorporated the most requested adjustments:

NEW: Support for iCloud saves
NEW: Option to show/hide status bar
NEW: Option to change audio language track
NEW: More sensitive d-pad
NEW: Double tapping on dialog box is ignored
FIX: Bug with virtual joystick
FIX: Improved performance during long gameplay sessions
FIX: Bug in some late-game battles
(Plus some minor UI tweaks.)

More updates will be forthcoming! Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions for future updates.

What’s New in Version 1.1.2

NEW: Support for iCade 8-bitty controller. Must be enabled in settings.
FIX: The White Dragon wings may incorrectly allow you to re-enter Vane after a major late-game cutscene involving it. Re-triggering the cutscene will lead to a crash. If affected, please warp outside Vane.

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Download Lunar Silver Star Story Touch: iTunes (Pulled)

v1.2.1: Userscloud | Openload.io

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