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M.U.S.E. v1.1 Increased performance on all devices and more

M.U.S.E 1.1 IPAM.U.S.E. is a well done shooter that ranks up there with the best.there is so much that sets this Game apart from its competitors that you really can’t deny how fun the game is;the winning combination of RPG and shooter elements make for a rewarding and engaging experience. Read the full details of what’s new in M.U.S.E. v1.1 below.

– Increased performance on all devices.
– Customizable controls implemented. You can move around each HUD element to fit what feels best for you.
– Difficulty has been balanced for most levels.
– Level Select now unlocks as you beat each level, rather than after your beat the game. This will allow you to re-play certain levels if you choose for more points!
– Pickups are much easier to see now.
– Sensitivity cap has been increased for those who want to make it more sensitive.
– Auto-Aim has been re-factored for less jerkiness when trying to shoot an explosive while an enemy is close to it.

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