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Mac Defender,Mac Guardac and Mac Protector Removal tool

So, somehow you’ve gotten infected with Mac Defender or Mac Protector. It’s the latest malware to hit OS X users, and it’s turned out to be particularly rampant. Hundreds and hundreds of posts are out there from folks looking for a way to rid themselves of this insidious malware.

First, let’s clear something up—neither Mac Protector nor Mac Defender is a legitimate anti-virus tool, as they pose to be. They are malware, opening your browser to random porn links, and telling you that legitimate system files like Terminal are actually spyware. No, they aren’t—Mac Protector and Mac Defender is the spyware. When you try to “clean” with it, it says your copy is unregistered, and prompts you to enter your personal information including a credit card. Don’t. If you did? Contact your bank. You’re not buying anything—you’re just sending your credit card information to people who may not have your best interests in mind.

Obviously, with things like this out there, you should be running an anti-virus. There are a number of anti-virus products for Mac OS X from a variety of manufacturers. If you don’t feel like spending your hard earned money on one, Sophos offers their Home Edition for Mac OS completely free. However, Mac Defender and Mac Protector can interfere with installing legitimate anti-virus products. You need to remove them first.

That’s where your friends here at Icrontic come in. Search Apple support no more, call not the Genius Bar, return not to the shiny white store, my friends! For we deliver unto you: Mac Defender / Mac Protector Removal Tool!

This simple easy to use tool can completely remove Mac Protector AND Mac Defender from your infected systems in two clicks. Since it’s a shell script and an AppleScript, it is virtually impossible for this malware to interfere with its operation.



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