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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Launchpad Folder Background Image Change Tutorial

Anyone wants to change the Mac OS X Lion Launchpad folder background image? I say yes,because I am tired of default one.So here is the little trick  for you to change it easily.Please note that this is only for OS X Lion.


To do this,you need to have a PNG file first.(What is that? Don’t ask me,if you don’t know,then Google it.)Also, you can converted any types image to a PNG file by using “File>Export>PNG”,after that, you have to name your exported PNG file as”ecsb_background_tile.png” then take the 5 steps listing below..

  • From the Mac OS X desktop, hit Command+Shift+G to enter “Go To Folder” and enter the following location:


  • Find the file named ecsb_background_tile.png and rename it to ecsb_background_tile-backup.png or drag it to your desktop – this is important because it allows you to revert your changes and get back to the linen default
  • Now drag your own exported PNG image “ecsb_background_tile.png” into the Dock.app Resources directory, you will be asked to authenticate the change because this is a system file
  • Next you relaunch the Dock by killing it, so open Terminal and type the following:

    killall Dock

  • Open Launchpad and a folder, and enjoy your new background image

Another example of how this could look shows an aluminum background image:


If you want to change the little folder thumbnail background like this screenshot shows, the file you’ll want to modify is:


You’ll want to use an image editor to modify that image appropriately though.

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