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Mac OS X Lion to Surprise With UI Overhaul?

The iPad 2 nears! An iPad 3 is on the horizon! iPhone 5 is coming! Maybe an iPhone nano! New MacBook Pros! New iMacs! Maybe even an Apple television! Of all the Apple rumors out there right now, there’s a odd lack of talk about something we know is coming — and soon: OS X Lion.

Apple still has a few surprises up its sleeve for Mac OS X Lion, one of which is a much anticipated UI overhaul, according to a TechCrunch report.

Well, first of all, from what we’re hearing, Apple is now using it internally. That they’re testing it shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s apparently being widely used internally. Recent statistics seem to confirm this. Looking over the TechCrunch logs, it seems that OS X 10.7 (Lion) has been seeing a surge of usage in recent weeks. After peaking in late August/early September, stats fell off a bit. But now they’re soaring again, indicating that full-scale internal testing is underway.

TechCrunch notes that because of the UI overhaul they expect Apple to begin seeding developers with beta builds of Mac OS X Lion in order to get their applications ready.

Apple has said that Mac OS X Lion will ship this summer.

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